Rosedale Ruby

Premium quality, completely hormone and chemical free. Rosedale Ruby are all free-range beef and come from home-grown herd of young, award-winning, cattle. The cattle is raised on pristine pastures at Rosedale Farm in South Eastern Australia and then finished for using the proprietary blend of natural grains. Rosedale Farm encourages the “Happy Herd” Sustainability Policy which exceeds the industry benchmark in quality assurance and animal welfare with the cattle remaining in a caring, stress free environment to grow up. This is paramount to ensure the finest flavour, tenderness, marbling and nutrition.


Rosedale Ruby is upholding strict global Quality Assurance policies and personally overseeing every facet of the entire supply chain and is wholly certified by leading international industry regulators including Ausmeat, Meat Standards Australia (MSA), AQIS, HALAL and the Certification Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China.